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Hurricane Irma: After Florida, the storm will impact states from Georgia to Indiana

While Florida will take the brunt of the fury from Hurricane Irma, several other states will also deal with the storm in the days ahead....

While Florida will take the brunt of the fury from Hurricane Irma, several other states will also deal with the storm in the days ahead.

From Georgia all the way to Indiana, here's a look at what other states will experience:

Georgia: The state that's forecast to suffer the most after Florida is Georgia. Irma could still be at hurricane strength as it crosses into Georgia on Monday morning, the National Hurricane Center said.

Tropical storm-force winds of up to 60 mph are possible across the state into early Tuesday morning. In the Atlanta area, the forecast calls for sustained winds over 40 mph with frequent gusts of 50-60 mph, potentially leading to downed trees and power lines, the National Weather Service in Atlanta said.

Along Georgia's coastline, storm surge of up to 4 to 6 feet could swamp cities such as Savannah on Monday.

The Carolinas: Although Irma will have some impacts both states, South Carolinians should have more significant concerns. Along the coast, storm-surge inundation could flood Charleston as well as Hilton Head. Heavy rain and tropical-storm force winds are also possible across much of South Carolina, leading to flooding and power outages.

Fortunately for typically hurricane-prone North Carolina, Irma's track goes west of the state, so only a glancing blow is likely. Gale-force winds could cause trouble for boaters near the coast, but other than some rip-current warnings, no weather advisories are currently in effect anywhere in North Carolina from Irma.

Alabama and Mississippi: Irma, though weakening, should slide over northern portions of the states on later on Monday and into Tuesday. In Alabama, sustained winds of 25-35 mph and gusts possibly as high as 50-55 mph could bring down trees and cause sporadic power outages, the weather service said. Impacts across Mississippi should be minimal, with just some gusty showers likely on Tuesday.

Tennessee and Kentucky: Eastern Tennessee will see strong winds of 20-30 mph from a weakening Irma later Monday and into Tuesday. The 2-4 inches of rain expected Tuesday could lead to localized flooding. Nashville will also see some heavy rain Tuesday along with gusty winds. Most of Kentucky should see little impact from Irma.

Illinois and Indiana: The final rains and gusty winds from Irma should finally peter out over southern portions of these states by Wednesday and into early Thursday.

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